Last Sunday, I preached on the Lutheran Lens, “Theology of the Cross.”  On the cross, God’s compassion was on full display. Jesus didn’t shy away from human suffering but joined it completely.  Because of the cross, we trust that God identifies with those who are oppressed, impoverished, in need of mercy, and weak.

People steeped in a “cross” orientation look not to worldly power, success or victory to show us God’s true glory – or our true purpose.  Instead we look to the times where hurting and yearning people (including ourselves) reveal surprising and compassionate love. It’s a love that gives itself away.  It’s a love that makes all the difference.

Listen to the sermon here and read more about the theology of the cross here. 

If you’re so inclined, I suggest this activity. Take 5-10 mins. First, pray to understand more about the cross of Jesus. Then journal what the cross means to you. (I’d love to hear what you come up with.) Finally, pray again for Jesus to help you take up your cross and follow.

This week, I’ll preach on “Saint and Sinner at the same time.”  I don’t know why, but Lutherans love to say this one in Latin: simul justus et peccator. 

I think of those pictures where you can see both an image of a face and, say, a horse. They are both there!  That’s how it is with us: we participate in sin even as we are also made free from sin by Jesus. For a two-minute introduction to this theme, watch this.

Finally, Annandale Christian Community in Action (ACCA) really needs food donations.  Please see what is needed here; reusable bags are also always in demand. Food can be brought to Peace any Sunday or taken directly to the ACCA pantry in the trailer at 7200 Columbia Pike, Tuesday-Friday from 1:30-4 pm. P.S. Big thanks to Chris Solem for his leadership at the pantry!

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