What To Expect

New Here

What To Expect

Thank you for considering a visit to Peace for the first time! We know it can be a little daunting to go to any church for the first time; we’ve all been there, and we hope we can make your experience a positive one. Masks are optional in our worship services. See FAQs below and if you still have questions, please contact us.
A few facts about Peace Lutheran Church

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Peace located?

Our address is 6362 Lincolnia Road, Alexandria, Virginia, but access to our parking lot is actually off of Summit. Find the directions on our contact page.

What are your Worship services like?

Our 8:00am and 10:30am worship services are quite different from one another in tone and style. Learn more about them.

How should I dress to attend service?

At either service, wear whatever kind of clothing you feel comfortable worshiping in. Most people at Peace dress in business casual but some wear jeans and some wear suits.

Where do I enter the building?

There are many entrances to our church building–apologies in advance for any confusion! The good news is that once inside, anyone can direct you to the sanctuary (aka worship space).

Can I participate in Communion?

We have communion at every Sunday morning worship service and all are welcome at the table. You don’t need to clear anything with anyone before you come. God’s grace is free for you!

Do I have to donate to Peace to Worship there?

We take an offering at each service. If you are moved to give, please do. There will be envelopes and directions to online giving in your chair. Please note that no one will notice or judge you if you don’t give. Our members are responsible for supporting the ministry of the church.

Do I have to come to church to consult the Pastor?

If you are simply visiting this site because you want to talk with a pastor, please feel free to contact our pastor. If you have any questions about worship, feel free to ask her those too. No question is too basic or too silly. We all know that coming to church is a big step and we want you to feel truly welcome. Pastor Krista can be reached at Pastor@sharingpeace.org.