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Faith and Family

Family Sunday School

Peace’s Sunday school program currently includes programming for the entire family! Come learn with bible stories, arts & crafts, fellowship, and treats.
Peace Evangelical Lutheran Church - Porch
You've Got a Friend In Me

Porch Sitting

Come chat with Pastor Krista and friends during Porch Sittings to enjoy each other's good company and the beauty of God's creation.
Sharing the Lord's Blessing

Graduate Recognition

Do you have a family member graduating from an educational program? Let us know their name, the school they are graduating from, and their future plans so we can include them in the blessing on June 9!

Welcome to Peace Lutheran Church, where our mission is to share God’s love, grow in faith, and create community.

We are a neighborhood church on the western edge of Alexandria, VA. Our congregation has about 250 active participants with around 100 in worship on any given Sunday in person and online. Our members come from all walks of life, including 12 different countries, both sides of the political spectrum, ages 0 to 100, a variety of economic situations, and diverse family/home lives.

As Disciples of Jesus, we...

Share God’s Love

We share God’s love by serving our neighbors near and far. Visit our volunteer page for upcoming opportunities to love.

Grow In Faith

We grow in faith through worship, choirs, and education. Learn more about our classes and gatherings.

Create Community

We create community by caring for one another and having fun together!

New Here? All Are Welcome!

Thank you for considering a visit to Peace for the first time! We know it can be a little daunting to go into any church for the first time; we’ve all been there, and we hope we can make your experience a positive one.

Upcoming Events

Pentecost Sunday
Sun, May 19
Pentecost Sunday
Family Sunday School
Sun, May 19
Family Sunday School
Rite of Confirmation
Sun, May 19
Rite of Confirmation