Thank you to everyone who helped Peace host Memorial services for Susan DeHaven, Erin Messner, as well as the Memorial prayer for Sophia Katamba’s father.  Peace offered Christ-like hospitality and comfort to many grieving people.

Last Sunday, my sermon was about the worldview of the Eminem Song “Lose Yourself,” which says you have to seize your one shot.  On the surface this seems opposed to a message of grace that says that God gives second chances but at the same time, the time for repentance is NOW.  I suggested that while something might not be your fault, it can be your wake-up call to make an urgently needed change. Listen to the sermon here.

This Sunday, we’ll hear the familiar story of the Prodigal Son.  I recently heard a sermon that started like this: “How are you doing….with forgiveness?”  That question has stuck with me.  Based on the prodigal son, I’ll preach about the connection between forgiveness and homecoming.  Without forgiveness, we become isolated and wander away from the people and ways of life that give us love.  Forgiveness offers us a way to become settled, at peace and at home, no matter where we are.

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