When Jesus called the fishermen who would become his disciples to “follow,” there must have been something so compelling that they left everything and went.

What was it?

Certainly, the man was unlike anyone else – so full of love, joy and spirit – that they were drawn to him.

But Jesus didn’t just draw people to himself for his own glory, like a narcissistic charismatic leader. He also connected them to one another and created a whole community – one that we are still a part of. One of the popular ways of describing Jesus’ ministry is as a “movement.” Where Jesus went, there was also healing, peace, justice, and a different way – God’s way – of life.

Last week, in my sermon I asked the question “What are you looking for.” You can listen to the sermon here.

This week I will ask a slightly different question, based on the gospel this week:

“What is God drawing you toward?” 

It might not be a major change; it might simply be a different way of doing something, a different way of relating to others, yourself, or a particular need of the world. Or it may be a deeper stirring of your soul that is worth paying attention to, as God calls each one of us to follow. If you have actual answers to the question, I’d love to hear them.

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