“What are you looking for?” This is the powerful question Jesus asks some onlookers who are curious about him. He invites them to spend time with him, building relationships that will change their lives – and the whole world.

“What are you looking for?” As we honor the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. this weekend, I imagine his response to that question. I think it’s accurate to say that he was looking for equality. Freedom. The simple right to thrive. A world where all have enough. Peace. Security. And more.

His incredible work advocating for civil rights was inspired by his encounters with the living God. His spiritual life helped him know he was beloved — even when society told him otherwise — and equipped to proclaim the truth even if it cost him everything. The living God gave him strength and vision to change the world.

“What are you looking for?” In church this Sunday, I will ask you to dig deep into this question for your own life. I will encourage you to use this question as a way to build relationships with others. Finally, I will preach on what it means that the answer to this question involves a relationship with God.

Last week, I preached on the Epiphany story of the Magi and talked about the openness and humility that story inspires. Listen to the sermon here.