This Sunday is Pentecost Sunday. We are reminded that God is as close as our breath. With every breath, we are changing. I have been thinking a lot about change recently. A big move will do that!

The Pentecost was a time of enormous change for the disciples. As they sat in the room, undoubtedly grieving what had been lost when Jesus left the earth, they did not know what to expect next. Neither do we. That’s why we need faith. God’s spirit is promised to renew current relationships and draw us into new ones. God’s spirit will surprise us and motivate us. The Spirit is moving, she is moving indeed!

Last week, I preached a short homily on Peace’s core value: “We use our time, talents and finances to the glory of God.” Confirmation students inspired us with their faith statements and in the afternoon, the concert lived up to its name, giving healing and hope to all who were there. It was a powerful Sunday! Listen to the sermon here.