Our three-generation family started attending Peace in August 2022 and became members in early 2023. We were specifically looking for a RIC church. We immediately felt we were at home here – people made us feel welcomed and loved. As my husband Charlie and I have gotten more involved, we’ve smiled at how little “we’ve always done it this way” we’ve experienced. Refreshing and fun! ALL truly are welcome here.

I was born and raised in a post-WW2 little house off Annandale Rd; a baby boomer who attended Sleepy Hollow Elementary, Whittier Intermediate, and Falls Church HS, class of 1973. Go Jaguars!

After graduating from UVA where I also was in Army ROTC, I was commissioned as a 2nd LT and spent 3 years stationed at Camp Darby, Italy. Thus I began a lifelong love of travel and adventure. When not poking around at Peace, I can be found with family and friends and likely one or more of our grandkids counting my blessings and pondering what to get into next. Peace.

>~Judy Hughes, Peace Member