Christ is risen!  He is risen indeed, alleluia! In my sermon for Easter Sunday, I asked “what gives you hope?” Hope is an essential part of the Christian faith.  But sometimes hope can be hard to muster.  In those times, I find it comforting that Mary Magdalene didn’t go to the tomb with hope, she went with love. In those times when hope is absent, we can trust that love will carry us through to the risen Christ.  Listen to the sermon here.
This Sunday we celebrate Creation Justice Sunday with a special worship service, sermon by Rev. Dr. Carmelo Santos, a display of ecologically friendly products that Peace members recommend, a tree-planting, and the dedication of our little free library.
Pastor Santos’s sermon hones in on the importance of community for our ability to meet the ecological challenge of our time.  Indeed, for Christians, community is key to almost everything we do.
Easter is a time when we not only rejoice in the resurrection of Jesus, we also rejoice that through his resurrection, Jesus rebuilt the community that would become the earliest church.
After such a glorious Holy Week and Easter Sunday, I am eager to regather with you and be the church together!  We even have a fellowship hour provided by the quilters (thanks!).
I’m planning to bike to church on Sunday.  If you walk, scoot or use something other than fossil fuels to get to church, snap a picture and post it on the socials.  We inspire each other.

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