8:00 am Worship

An informal worship service in the Fellowship Hall with prayer, conversations on the texts for the day, and Holy Communion. We follow the same pattern of worship as 10:30, but we sit around tables and drink coffee while we do it. Instead of a sermon, there is a discussion. This is a great service for people who aren’t so sure they’d be comfortable in traditional worship but long to worship and connect with others in a simple way.


10:30 am Worship

A traditional worship service in the Sanctuary with a children’s sermon and Holy Communion. Organ, handbell, and choir music accompanies the service three Sundays per month (with a break during the summer); guitar and contemporary music accompanies the service on the third Sunday of the month. Children may come to the table to receive either Holy Communion or a blessing. This service usually lasts around 70 minutes.

Children are welcome in either service.

Lenten Sermon Series:

March 5: Love is humble.  The kind of humility we see in Jesus is a humility with power.  He’s not a victim.  What does it mean to be both humble and powerful?  Why are limitations an aspect of love?

March 12: Love can surprise.  Love makes people new.  It keeps people open to newness in themselves and in others.  You’re never too old, too damaged, or too stuck in your ways for love.

March 19: Love Embraces.  Our human nature is to build walls.  Love attempts to tear those walls down and embrace, rather than judge and reject, those different from us.

March 26: Love sees differently.  With eyes of love, God sees each of us as worthy.  Love causes us to see other people differently.  It takes people out of their boxes.  Love can mess with our expectations and pull people together in surprising ways.

April 2: Love sets you free.  Ultimately, Jesus’s love frees each of us to love other people without reserve and without fear.


House of Faith International

House of Faith International is an affiliated ministry of Peace Lutheran with special outreach to West African Christians. HOFI worships at 12:15 in the Peace Sanctuary and the pastor is Rev. Nana Opoku.