Last week I preached about worship. I asked you to focus attention on what it means to you to worship God. I pointed out how amazing it was that the wise men recognized the toddler Jesus as someone who was worthy of worship.  They were changed when they worshiped him.  We are too.

This week we will hear Jesus’ first recorded miracle, turning water into wine.  I always like that this is the first miracle because it seems so mundane.  Surely “making sure there’s enough wine at a party” isn’t God’s number one priority!

Or is it?  Everyday stuff matters to Jesus. And there’s more going on under the surface.  Jesus is creating a community by ensuring the host isn’t embarrassed and the guests can keep on celebrating.  He’s offering a taste of the best wine to those whose social class meant they wouldn’t often get to drink the good stuff.  Importantly, he’s helping the disciples trust him in the little things so they can trust him in the big things.  Further, Jesus establishes that when he’s around, God’s abundance and possibility are present too.

As you prepare for worship, consider what has “run out” in your life (energy? hope? patience? food? rent money? health? a relationship?). What would it be like to look at exactly what you do have in your life and trust that Jesus can work with that?

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