Happy Anniversary! 65 years ago TODAY, Peace Lutheran Church was formed. Praise God!

On Sunday, we will celebrate with glorious worship, food and fun. And right in the midst of a celebration day, we will hear a gospel lesson that places Jesus on the cross in his dying moments. It is a celebration day – Christ the King Sunday – yet the gospel lesson is as far from a coronation as you can get.

On the cross, Jesus was asked a question that he was also asked at the beginning of his ministry: “why don’t you save yourself?” And on the cross, Jesus demonstrated that God is not interested in saving himself, only in loving others. On the cross, Jesus didn’t get defensive or wiggle out of his condemnation; instead he inhabited his humanity fully. Even though he had every reason to turn away from others he turned toward them instead. He offered forgiveness to his executioners and assured a dying, guilty man of his eternal belovedness. He bolstered faith, shared God’s love, and created community, unto his dying moment.

It is actually a perfect text for a church anniversary. For it reminds us of the unique nature of God, who we can never understand and yet we worship. It reminds us of the gift of Jesus’s love – always turning toward us – and the blessing of life together in community. And it reminds us that the point of being church is never to save ourselves, but to offer God’s love to anyone who needs it.

Praise God for all the faithful of Peace Lutheran church. To Christ be the glory!