9:15 – 10:15 am in the Fellowship Hall


Date TBD – Troubling the Waters Group (A journey for White Christians from privilege to partnership) is a little less than half way through our journey.

So far we have considered God’s vision for humanity and the impact of dominance on human relationships. We have explored our how our own histories, read, watched videos, and tried to better listen to other voices; we have considered what we have lost as a result of being “White” and we have examined the attitudes of privilege; and we have begun to explore attitudes and beliefs in the Church that have supported the system of racism. We will be sharing highlights of this journey with all who are interested in open conversation. All are welcome!

Date TBD – Creation Care Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Facilitator: Diane Yeager. This Adult Forum will revisit the ELCA social statement “Caring for Creation: Vision, Hope, and Justice.”  The Prologue begins, “Christian concern for the environment is shaped by the Word of God spoken in creation, the Love of God hanging on a cross, the Breath of God daily renewing the face of the Earth.”   It ends by reminding us that Lutherans understand ourselves to be “captives of hope.”  Although it was published in 1993, the document remains a good departure point for conversation because it is designed to provide a framework for Lutheran reflection rather than a time-relative action agenda.  Nonetheless, since it has been nearly thirty years since the document was approved, we will also discuss whether it needs a 2020 addendum or could be helpfully updated in other ways.  While it is not necessary to read the social statement in advance of the forum, the twelve-page text is available at no cost to those who may wish to download it at https://www.elca.org/en/Faith/Faith-and-Society/Social-Statements/Caring-for-Creation    High school students are welcome to join adults for this forum.  Those planning to attend may also wish to review section 4, “Creation Care,” in the document “Peace for the Future – Mission” on the church website.  This will help us think about how our particular community might go about “claiming the promise” with which the social statement ends.

Date TBD – Troubling the Waters Group (A journey for White Christians from privilege to partnership)

May 31 –  Congregational Meeting (tentative)