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Engaging Luther Engaging the Psalms
July 14, 21, and 28
led by Diane Yeager

While Luther wanted to put the Bible in the hands of all Christian believers, he also thought these readers would need some help grasping “the true content” of the texts — even (or perhaps especially) the prayerful songs that make up the Book of Psalms.  On each of these three Sundays, we will consider an individual psalm in light of Luther’s unfolding of its meaning.

  • July 14: Psalm 82 (on worldly government and public responsibility)
  • July 21: Psalm 90 (a dark psalm exploring transience and praying for remedy)
  • July 28: Psalm 111  (what Luther calls “the Holy Spirit’s hymn and poem”)

The three sessions are independent; feel free to come to any one, any two, or all three — as your schedule allows.  No preparation is expected, but if you have time to read the psalm before the session, you might experiment with writing a brief (paragraph length) comment of your own on how the faith of those who composed the psalms still speaks (or fails to speak) to readers in 2019.