October 21, 2018

People of Peace –

We have reached another stewardship season; this is when we ask that you review and re-commit your time and talents and skills and abilities and energy, and (of course) your money to the work of God done at and through Peace.  Thank you for your generosity to Peace.  It is your support – with money, time and talents offered – that enables Peace to share God’s love, grow in faith, and create community.

Peace actually has two budgets.  Our general or annual budget is used to keep things going. It allows us to worship together and to provide fellowship and care for those who cannot attend Sunday services by visiting homes, retirement communities and hospitals.  It enables us to offer our building to community groups, and to work with other congregations and community groups to improve our community by helping those who need it.

Enclosed with this letter is a card for your pledge commitment for the annual budget for 2019.   We encourage you prayerfully to consider increasing your pledge – after reviewing the chart, and your own life, can you move a column or two to the left?  Please bring your pledge to church on Sunday Nov 11 to be blessed and received. (If you won’t be at church that day, you can mail it in or drop if off later).  Last year we saw a 50% increase in pledges to our annual budget!  Let’s keep that momentum going.

The Peace for the Future campaign is separate from our annual budget.  Already (just one year into a three-year campaign) 83 households have pledged $845,512 and we’ve received $278,229.  THANK YOU!!! If you have not pledged to Peace for the Future, please consider doing so for 2019. Contact the office to find out how.

Through Peace for the Future, we have already enhanced worship with our new baby grand piano and sound upgrades; bought a new HVAC system for the sanctuary side; developed and adopted a facilities master plan; funded our community liaison, Nadia Fitzcharles, who has developed a ministry for refugee welcome and increased opportunities for service; and given significant money to our mission partners, ACCA (Annandale Christian Community in Action) and the Metro DC Synod.  

Our goal is still $1.1 million, and through your faithful stewardship we are confident of reaching it.  If you would like to increase your pledge to Peace for the Future, please let the office know.                                    

If you have contributed to Peace in 2018, your giving statement is enclosed with this letter; it will have information about both your annual pledge and contributions to Peace for the Future.  Please do review it and contact us if there are discrepancies.  

Beyond financial gifts, we rely on gifts of time and talent.  Whether you are new to Peace or a long-time member, we encourage you to find a new way to use your time and talents.  Pr. Sarah set a challenge for every member to serve the church and the world in 2018, and we look forward to continuing this in 2019.

Within Peace:

* We could use a photographer or two to come to events and take high quality

pictures for the website.

* If you have computer skills, we’d love your help keeping our office computers running smoothly.  

* If you can tell a weed from a flower or use a mower, your help on the grounds will be most welcome.  

* If you have free time during the week, perhaps you could assist in the office or help our property team by waiting for a repair crew or replacing light bulbs or batteries in clocks and smoke detectors.  

* Our music groups have wonderful leadership, and they are not exclusive – you do not need experience and there are no auditions.  

Is Sunday morning the only time you are in our building? Perhaps you can

* Make the coffee for fellowship,

* Empty and rinse the coffee urns and load and run the dishwasher.  

* Usher

* Set up and clean up after communion

* Count the offerings (these are our tellers)

* Read the lessons (these are our lectors)

* Assist at communion

* Acolyte (NOT for teens only!)

* Act as assisting minister

You are welcome and encouraged to do any of these.


Finally, a word from the Memorials, Endowment and Planned Giving committee.  The 2018 tax law increases the standard deduction, so some people may not find it beneficial, from a tax perspective, to donate.  Nonetheless, we encourage you to continue your commitment to giving, and there are long-range ways to give a gift to Peace.

* Peace has a Mission Endowment Fund which requires that $50,000 be in the fund before any earned income can be distributed. Right now the Fund has a balance of $36,925.

*Have you thought about including Peace in your end of life planning?   Consider designating Peace as a beneficiary in your will or life insurance.  A handful of households at have done this. If you’d like to join them, please contact the office; we’ll connect you with the right people.

If we think of stewardship as how we use the gifts God gave us to benefit God’s world, there are many opportunities!

Thank you for your ongoing support of Peace and the ministries we share.  God bless you


Cathy Kroohs and Marcia Dursi, Stewardship Ministry

Mission: According to the Peace by-laws, “This Ministry shall educate and encourage the members of the congregation to be responsible Christian stewards.”  Stewardship is how we use all that God has entrusted to our care — our time, our talents and our treasures — to love God and our neighbors, both inside and outside of the church walls. 

Chair:  Cathy Kroohs        

Members: Everyone at Peace. Please contact Cathy with ideas or suggestions or comments.

Stewardship is caring for our buildings and grounds, enabling and enhancing our Sunday worship, creating jewelry and beautiful quilts and prayer shawls and blank greeting cards, assisting with weekend food distribution, making a mission trip to Hurley, VA, or to the Village of Hope in Haiti.

 Stewardship is sharing our facilities with other organizations, both Lutheran and otherwise; providing financial support for the Village of Hope in Haiti; and participating in larger campaigns such as the Souper Bowl of Caring, the Metro DC Synod’s “Gifts of Hope”, the ELCA Good Gifts campaign and the Annandale Christian Community for Action. 

But wait … there’s more !

We encourage members to explore new ways (or ways that are “old” somewhere else but new to Peace) of sharing God’s love by loving our neighbors. Please tell us about your ideas.

We also encourage the people of Peace to make more use of Thrivent Action Team funding for fundraisers, service activities and educational events. (thrivent.com/making-a-difference/living-generously/thrivent-action-teams)

Secure, on-line donations can be made to Peace Lutheran on our website. Just look for the “Donate” button on the top of our homepage.

Peace is able to accept donations of stock, and it is also possible to designate Peace as a beneficiary in your will or life insurance.  Read “Ways to Make Gifts to Peace.”