Holding a worship service over Zoom is new to us. Anyone is welcome to join our Zoom worship service, including people we don’t know. When you join a zoom call, your name and a video of you are shown on the screen to everyone attending. We also record our services and stream them to Facebook, which is public.

Here are a few things to think about to protect your privacy and keep you safe when you are attending a public zoom worship service:

Please use settings located in the upper right of your picture to remove your last name. (To change the name that is displayed, hover over your name on the screen and click the three menu dots. Chose Rename.) It’s also important to be aware of what is in the background of your image on the zoom screen. You may feel more comfortable turning your video camera off during the zoom worship service. You will find the controls at the bottom of your screen. You will still be able to see the service in it’s entirety.