FLASH Young Adults

Fun Loving Adult Social Hours


F.L.A.S.H. is a laid-back, no-pressure, come as you are & when you can type of group. We welcome newcomers and also friends outside of Peace. We are for any adults (21+) who want opportunities to socialize and do fun activities together. We have monthly gatherings to play board games, strategy games, etc.  Game days are typically Sunday afternoons in the Fellowship Hall at Peace. You are welcome to bring some of your games!

We also host other social events, such as going to museums, wineries, and other local attractions together.

Currently, any costs are the responsibility of individuals attending. However, game nights are free and budget is considered when selecting the other events. For events away from Peace Lutheran Church, carpooling may be available.

If you are interested in attending a F.L.A.S.H. event but are hesitant for any reason, please contact the group’s coordinator, Allison Hansgate (allison.hansgate@gmail.com).