It’s Advent, a time of preparation.  

Last week, I preached about what it’s like to live as if God’s power were coming into the world even we have no power to make it happen. Instead of despairing, we look beyond grim circumstances toward God’s future.  This is our Advent posture, watching and praying, expecting that Christ’s spirit comes. I referenced Antoinette Jones, sister of the unjustly convicted Julius Jones.  Even though he was facing execution, on what was supposed to be her last visit she made an appointment to come again the following week. His execution was halted in no small part because God’s people got involved.  That’s powerful Advent hope: acting in faith that God’s kingdom is coming.

Listen to the sermon here.

This week, we will hear about John the Baptist and his call to prepare the way for Jesus.  It’s like he’s saying “Roll out the red carpet! Someone important is coming!”

Have you ever been welcomed as if you are the most important person in the world? Can you think of someone who eased your way through a difficult time?

I encourage you to pray about who might need you to give them the red carpet treatment. As an Advent practice, how could you let someone who needs an extra dose of God’s peace know that they are important to God and to you?