While the church building is closed you can still connect with Nadia for zoom meetings. Contact her to get connected.

  • Thursdays 8 pm – youth check in with Zoom
  • Thursdays 9 pm – parent check with Zoom
  • Saturday mornings 10 am and Wednesdays 6 pm – Children and Families Check-in with Zoom


Activities to keep you busy!


Invitation to Single Parent Summer Bible Study on zoom starting July 7, 2020 at 8pm with Peace Lutheran Church, Alexandria, VA led by Nadia.

You can reach her at Nadia@sharingpeace.org if you have questions. Zoom link for the Bible study: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81114728157?pwd=cWNYbzlZS01uMXZyZTVpQzdoMmNHQT09

Helpful online resources for families:
  • ELCA resources: downloadable resources, including messages and statements from Bishop Eaton, social justice initiatives, campaigns, and Bible study materials
  • Faith5 (Faith Acts In The Home) is all about how to engage in faith formation at home
  • Building Faith: a resource for parents on home faith practices that has everything from liturgical crafts to prayers for kids