October 11 – 13, 2019

An All-ages
Peace Lutheran Church


Renew, Retreat, Re-Create with Peace
Mar-Lu-Ridge Camp and Retreat Center
Situated in the beautiful Catoctin Mountains of central Maryland

3200 Mar-Lu-Ridge Road
Jefferson, Maryland 21755



REGISTRATION IS CLOSED. You may contact the office for any late openings.

You will experience the splendor of God’s creation as together we explore the connection between spirituality and creativity. Structured group time will focus on how the arts help us experience God. It will include Bible study and discussion as well as opportunities for you to make some art/sing a song/write a poem just for the fun of it. You’ll also have plenty of unstructured free time to take a walk, take a nap, read a book, or make a new friend.

Cost: Includes two nights accommodations, four meals, and all programming.
$75/child, 3yrs—12yrs
Children under 3yrs are free
(Maximum of $450 per family)

Deposit: A non-refundable deposit of $100 per household is required at the time of registration.

Scholarships: Peace does not want cost to be an obstacle for participation. If you cannot at-tend due to cost, please contact the office to request a scholarship.
Accommodations: We will be staying at the Ridge Inn, in hotel style rooms. Each room has three twin beds and a private bathroom. Some rooms can sleep four people. We will keep families with children together. Couples may be assigned to different rooms to accommodate everyone.

Questions? Contact the office.

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Saturday Morning Programming:

  • Life is a Collage” with Hannah Kebedde – Visual Artist

I use mixed media in my work and like it as it’s flexible and plus it adds texture and variety.

My session will focus on the topics of Memories, Tributes and Promises.  As a participant, you are encouraged to bring photos and memorabilia.  Using these objects and photos plus ink, paint and other craft items, you will create a piece of art that will speak to your cherished memories, pay homage to what you love and spotlight what you wish to celebrate.  Participants are encouraged to bring photos, and memorabilia i.e. postcards, greeting cards, letters, pieces of cloth, threads, old jewelry.

  • “A Journey Through Color” with Kris Rinnert and Marcia Dursi – Quilting

Using colorful fabric to express a spiritual, emotional or physical journey.

  • “The Magic of Mosaics:  Playing with Light, Color and Shapes” with Shannon Spence – Mosaics

The joy of creating mosaics lies in the interplay of color, size and shape and the tactile element of using your hands.  You can let your mind wander as you play with the pieces and respond to your feelings about the art – letting the mosaic make itself.  I will not teach but instead share my art journey with you and what I have learned through taking art classes trying to find my way.

  • “Meditative Yarn Art/ Knitting” with Anne Whitten – Meditative Knitting

I have taught Kumihimo, the art of Japanese braiding, to over 300 people; some were non – English speaking.  Since the Middle Ages styles and uses for the braids have changed.  For me, it is a fun, creative way to relax and meditate.

I will also be happy to assist those who may wish to learn to knit.

  • “Psalmists in Our Midst” with Diane Yeager – Poetry

For this session, we will engage the contemporary poet Gerald Stern, who at one point in his career asked quite pointedly what it would be like to try to write a twenty-first century American psalm.  This will require looking at a psalm or two (probably 11 and 134).  We’ll then read one or two of Stern’s poems, asking whether they might be his attempt at writing an American psalm.  You may also bring a poem or two which you feel has a psalm-like quality. This session will build toward 15 or 20 minutes of actually trying to write some lines of a modern psalm. The group will decide if this is accomplished individually or collectively.