A lesson from the gym is that it’s always a good idea to work on your core. As we are in a time of major transition, these next weeks I am focusing on Peace’s six core principles.

This week’s is “We are grounded in scripture and prayer and we encourage each other to question, listen and learn.” How do we know God? That question is at the heart of our faith lives. We believe that scripture is the word of God and prayer is a primary way that we communicate with God. But we also believe that no one person has it all figured out; that scripture requires interpretation; and that prayer isn’t like a fortune cookie where we leave with a concrete piece of advice.

I think of our faith like a great relationship. Even in the best relationships, there is always something mysterious and surprising about the other person. You always need to keep conversation open and keep on growing and learning as individuals and together. Jesus told his disciples that they know him – because they had been with him – but also that there was more to learn. They could count on the Holy Spirit and so can we.

Last week I preached on the principle:“We respond to the needs of our neighbors, near and far, following Christ’s example.” Listen to the sermon here.