God calls us to be good stewards of the gifts provided us and offers opportunity to express our love for God and our fellow Christians in a practical and rewarding way through caring for our property.

Mission: To enhance the worship and fellowship experience of our church family by caring for our property in a way that glorifies God.

Vision: We will achieve our mission by:

  • PROVIDING a safe and clean environment
  • MAINTAINING the facilities
  • IMPROVING the church’s property

Strategy: This Ministry performs God’s work at the church through the upkeep and stewardship of the church’s facilities. The Ministry ensures that the church property is maintained and repaired as necessary, and develops and implements proposals and long-term plans for the care and preservation of church property.

Main responsibilities:

  • Perform routine and preventative maintenance.
  • Coordinate outside contractors such as plumbers and electricians.
  • Manage major projects.
  • Schedule periodic clean up days for grounds and buildings.
  • Identify smaller maintenance and repair tasks and bringing them to the attention of the congregation.
  • Address fire and safety issues, handicap access and building code requirements.
  • Plan for replacement of major items such as roofs, lighting, pavement, and heating/air conditioning systems.

Property Report July 2017

Let your light so shine…..

If you have been in or near Peace lately you have surely noticed some lighting improvements.

Jack Fishburn replaced the light fixture in the pantry and several of the outlets in Fellowship hall that had gotten so worn that plugs would no longer stay in them so next time you are looking for something in the pantry and can actually see it or you want to plug something in in Fellowship Hall and can actually do that it you can thank Jack!

Jason Glei has been busy outside putting a new solar powered motion activated light over the front breezeway door so that you are no longer fumbling in the dark looking for keys and wondering “   Jason also cut up that big limb from the Bradford Pear that broke off.

We appreciate both of them being willing to jump in and get things done.

Speaking of getting things done, this week the A/C went out in Lauxman, the evaporator is bad and leaking.  John McCracken was able to put some Freon and some sort of goo into it to keep it running for a few more days anyway but we are taking bids on repair or replacement (it is at least a 25 year old system)

It was also a reminder that even if it had been cooler this week we could not open the windows in Lauxman because the screens are all bad.   If anyone knows of someplace that repairs screens or wants to tackle that project please let us know.