We have started our capital campaign, designed to provide funds over and above those needed for our annual budget for projects that will shape our congregation’s future for decades to come.  The campaign is appropriately called “Peace for the Future.”

The projects that we envision are of the following types:

  • providing a more inspired worship experience, including a better piano for the sanctuary and a state of the art audio-visual system;
  • improving and sustaining our building to ensure an inviting and accessible welcome, including making necessary repairs to our HVAC system and to the exterior, improving the church entrance and flow through the building, moving the  church offices from the Lauxman House to the main building and improving the rooms in both wings for best use on Sundays and throughout the week;
  • extending our ministry to our community, possibly by renovating the Lauxman House and hiring a part time staff person as a community liaison;
  • enhancing our care for creation, by, among other things, installing solar panels on our roof and improving landscaping and tree cover; and
  • a 10% tithe, split between our Synod and Annandale Christian Community for Action (ACCA).

 Our Mission                From the Campaign Chair