Our Peace family has been supporting the Village of Hope School and Health Center near Port Au Prince Haiti for many years, and now with the increased gang violence in Haiti our mission has been adapted to best meet the needs of the children. Our school in Ganthier, outside of Port Au Prince has been temporarily closed as the families have moved out the area for safety, but HOPE has not stopped. Through prayer and reflection by our VOH Directors we have adapted to the situation on the ground and focused our attention on two schools in desperate need of support in the north of Haiti where there is no gang violence but the need is great; Bord de Mer and Dubout. When Ganthier is safe, the school and Health Center will reopen and continue to bless that community again.
Here is where your money will be going:
  1. Provide meals for the students in Bord de Mer and Dubout (and in Ganthier when it can reopen).
  2. Build a kitchen at a small school in Bord De Mer.
  3. Build toilets at the school in Bord de Mer.
  4. Fund after-school programs for students who have fallen behind so they can catch up.
  5. Fund an adult literacy program for parents so they can help their children succeed


Thank you for your continued prayer support as well as monetary support for the children (the Future) of Haiti.

To learn more and/or donate visit: https://villageofhopehaiti.org/
God bless you!

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