This Sunday we celebrate Reformation Day. The change that Martin Luther catalyzed in the church five hundred years ago is not just a historical celebration; it is an ongoing ethos in the church. We are always in the process of asking ourselves, “what is God’s truth” and, “how does it apply to us, now?” Every year on Reformation I wonder – will the church ever tire of this particular anniversary?

Every year I am newly astonished that the gospel of grace and the freedom we are given through Christ can actually change the world.

Reformation places me face-to-face with my own resistance to change. It forces me to ask, “How is God asking me to change? Us to change?” The hard news is that to be God’s people means to live in a pattern of repentance and change. The good news is that God’s truth is unchanging: God offers forgiveness, capacity for change, and new possibilities to us all.

Last week, I preached about the difference between guilt and responsibility, and noted that though it seems counter-intuitive, when we admit our mistakes and ask for mercy, we find we are welcomed home. Listen to the sermon here.