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Sunday School. Housegroups. Choir. Faith Foundations. New Members. God’s Work, Our Hands. Ministry Fair. I’m so energized by all the ways this church is growing in faith, sharing God’s love, and creating community together this fall.

Last Sunday I preached about church – the good, the bad, and the holy. Listen to the sermon here.

This Sunday, we will hear Jesus tell his followers that to be a disciple requires hard choices. Hate your father and mother.  Give up your possessions. It’s one of those hard passages that makes me think, “Jesus couldn’t have really meant that?!”

I don’t think Jesus is saying we should abandon our responsibilities or feel badly if we own things. Instead, I think Jesus is pointing out that being his disciple really does mean a change in the way we live and the things we prioritize. We may be called out of certain relationships and into others. We will assess how we spend energy and money. We will not remain neutral in situations that need a voice of love.

All this can seem like a tall order – and it is. So it is crucial to remember that none of us is actually a perfect disciple and at the end, it’s not our actions that make us worthy of Christ, but just the opposite.