I’m having a hard time not writing words of rejoicing in anticipation of Easter. But it’s not Easter yet. And one of the most wonderful things about Jesus is that he didn’t skip over the hard parts of the human existence.

Tonight, Maundy (commandment) Thursday, we see Jesus’ humanity on full display. He feeds and washes the feet of his friends. He teaches them to love one another. He demonstrates that God’s mission is fulfilled in service. In worship tonight, we will recreate the loving moments of Jesus’ last night.

Tomorrow, Good Friday, we lament and grieve the events that led up to Jesus’ death. We sing and pray. His sorrow becomes our sorrow.

Saturday, we wait. We wonder. We reflect in our own ways about what God alone can do.

And then. On Easter, we rejoice to find out that all is forgiven and all is healed. The forces that separate us from God and one another have been loved right out of existence. On Easter, we proclaim that God is powerful even over the worst possible things. Then, Christ’s resurrection gives us reason to rejoice!

So worship tonight. And worship tomorrow. And then worship again on Sunday as together, we celebrate the miracle of the resurrection.