God Holds Your – March 21, 2020

God holds you. Day 7.

I plan to write these reflections every day until the church celebrates Easter. No, not the Easter slated to happen in three weeks, but the one where the choir sings shoulder to shoulder, and we dip real bread in a chalice held by human hands, and the passing of the peace takes forever because of all those hugs.

I plan to write till then, except on Saturdays because I need a sabbath. Sabbath is the day set aside each week to cease from work and rest in God’s care. It helps a faithful people remember that we aren’t God and we don’t need to be.

Jesus often retreated and took time away for renewal. We can too. Even now. Especially now.

People who regularly keep sabbath know it takes a little planning. You may be thinking…how’s she posting when she says she’s taking a sabbath?

I wrote this yesterday.

Sleep well world. God holds you.

Pastor Sarah


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