God Holds You – March 30, 2020

God holds you. Day 16.

I have learned that I don’t like change. At least I don’t like change that happens quite so fast. In the DC region, we’re once again readjusting our horizons. June 10th. That’s the new stay-at-home date. June. Tenth.

The news came today quickly and surprisingly, but not really. Really, it’s been months in the making and I easily could have predicted it. If I had, I’d have been prepared. I’d have stocked up on Home Depot-y projects. I’d have learned how to be a worship-tech wizard while I still had emotional energy to take on anything new. I’d have visited our members in nursing homes one more time.

Jesus predicted his own death plenty of times. His disciples never understood what he was talking about. Then when it happened, it all went quickly; within a week the world was upside down. He also predicted his resurrection, but they understood that even less.

Jesus knew. Sacrifice was coming. And sacrifice was not the end of the world, but the beginning of it. When Peter tried to tell Jesus his predictions were wrong, Jesus said “Get behind me satan.”

I’ve always focused on the “satan” part but tonight I love the “behind me” part.

Jesus goes first. I may take some time to catch up.

Sleep well world. God holds you.

Pastor Sarah