God Holds You – March 25, 2020

God holds you. Day 11.

A member of our church is a pediatric hospitalist. She reported that a few nights ago, she and some other doctors joined the nurses in their three-am mid-shift huddle and led them in a song. The next night she brought her ukelele and they did it again.

Why do I love that so much? I think it’s because I know how much I experience God when I sing with other people. It’s healing and catharsis and play and joy. It’s worship and prayer. There’s nothing else like it.

The apostle Paul wrote “And sing! Sing your hearts out to God!” (Colossians 3).

Of all the things I miss about church as usual, singing with people is near the top of the list. Zoom is great for meetings, but there’s no online platform that enables people to sing together. The time lags make it impossible.

Maybe that’s why I love the idea of those doctors and nurses singing. It’s church. Even in the midst of scary and stressful nights, there will be music.*

Sleep well world. God holds you.

*the phrase “there will be music” is from one of my favorite poems, “A Brief for the Defense” by Jack Gilbert.

Pastor Sarah