God Hold’s You – March 24, 2020

God holds you. Day 10.

I heard the phrase “the new normal” at least ten times today, including from my own mouth.

The phrase kind of drives me crazy, but it’s true. Today felt…normal. Having back-to-back zoom meetings no longer feels noteworthy. Now it’s just what I do.

I didn’t worry today that I was getting sick. I didn’t obsessively check in my parents to see if they’re ok. Instead of panicking that we’re almost out of bananas, I simply added them to the grocery list.

I just lived. And it was boring and really nice.

I have a hard time balancing this sense of calm with the knowledge that there are people losing jobs, falling ill, and sacrificing for the common good. I’m guilty of a kind of spiritual pride that says if I’m not in anguish about the world, I’m not being faithful.

But there’s blessing to be found in rhythm and routine. Jesus certainly had plenty of days that weren’t recorded in scripture, even as he was contending with the powers of the world.

There’s no way that this actually is the new normal. But today, I’ll take it.

Sleep well world. God holds you.

Pastor Sarah