God Holds You – March 20, 2020

Today I performed a wedding. The original plan was for the father-of-the-bride (a pastor) to fly in to officiate at a fairly small ceremony. But he couldn’t get here and even a small ceremony was too big. Instead, I performed the wedding outdoors, six feet from the couple, while the groom’s parents held up a phone so the rest of the family could be present.

It wasn’t ideal. I’m certain they were disappointed. But it was also lovely in its simplicity. What mattered most happened; they got married.

Our church faces a busy street. After the ceremony we went out front with a “Just Married” sign and got honks galore. The church members who live across the street pulled out a tambourine and jangled it with joy.

Jesus made sure the wine didn’t run out at a wedding party. He knows: celebration is essential. We always have reason to shake that tambourine.

Sleep well world. God holds you.











Picture shared with permission.