God Holds You – March 19, 2020

God holds you, day 5.

Our bishop gathered all our synod pastors on a zoom call today. We were something like 60 people in a massive Brady Bunch style formation. Below each of our faces, our names.

My church pulled together a care team today. That handful of people will be the front lines of spiritual care for those most in need. There’s now a spreadsheet filled with names.

Jesus changed systems and confronted the powers that held the world captive to sin, yes. But he did it by encountering individual human beings. Relationships. One after another. People with names.

In a time of isolation, I think names become even more important. Say yours out loud. Say someone else’s too. This diminishment will not last forever. You are still connected. You have a name.

“I have called you by name, and you are mine.”

Sleep well world. God holds you.

Pastor Sarah