God Hold You – March 27, 2020

God holds you. Day 13.

Grandparents. We usually talk to them once or twice a month. In the past two weeks, we’ve talked with them almost everyday, often via FaceTime.

We’ve had art class with Papa, books with Grammy, and Story & Songs with Oma and Grandpa.

Our kids play in the yard of our neighbor-turned-surrogate grandma down the road. She made us playdough. We fetched her milk.

The phrase “from generation to generation” shows up throughout scripture. It indicates the promise of a future that’s rooted in the faithfulness of the past.

I’ve been impressed with the way the millennials have self-isolated out of love for their elders, and the way the over-seventy set has learned social media to stay connected.

I sense that the world we’re suddenly living in is similar to my grandparents’ world. Twenty-five year olds are calling their grandmas to learn how to knead bread. The wisdom of people who lived through World War Two is regarded as invaluable.

Is it a stretch to say a silver lining of this this virus is that we’re listening to each other across generations?

From generation to generation, God is faithful.

Sleep well world. God holds you.

Pastor Sarah