The PEACE FOR THE FUTURE campaign is being prepared to help us realize our vision to renovate our facility and ministry to serve our members and community in a much more robust way. The campaign will launch on October 15th but campaign teams are being formed now.

Please look at the teams below to find a way to be involved in this exciting effort.  Description and contacts are below.

General Chair—John Clark,

Information Team—Chair: Anne and David Whitten,

Ensures that when this campaign is complete that everyone is aware that we had a campaign and what it is for.  They will produce a booklet that tells the complete campaign story, several letters, invitations, banners, artwork and more that helps to reinforce what this appeal is about.

Inspiration Team—Co-chairs Karen Ager and Tracy Shall,

Helps us discern the intersection between our faith and our giving.  This team will prepare and deliver a devotional, provide Bible Study, lead generosity discussions, host a prayer vigil, and coordinate temple talks. This team will help us answer the questions of how this campaign will impact our faith lives and make a difference for the world.

Special Event Team—Chair: Kristin Stone

Will execute and lead the 60th anniversary celebration on November 11 that will also serve as a key event in the life of the campaign.  This team will handle RSVP’s, coordinating the meal, decorations, transportation, and hospitality.

Commitment Team—Chair: Ramsey Woodworth

Makes certain that each family at Peace has the opportunity to return an intent card.  This team will be trained to provide helpful information to people to make the best gift decision that they can make.  This team will not know gift amounts of families, but instead will focus on each family returning an intent form.

This campaign is being designed to be spiritually enriching and a time that we can rally together as a church family around our vision for the future. Most tasks in the appeal are short-term commitments.  Complete training and resources are provided.