Words for the Week – October 3, 2019

As a Pastor, I’m in the counting game. I count the number of people in worship and do a happy dance when it’s over 120. I see financial reports and worry when numbers are low.  39 people are coming to the retreat. That’s great, but I wish it were more. Bigger is better, right?

What about success in faith? If faith could be measured on a scale, what amount would indicate success? How do we quantify faith?

In the gospel for Sunday, the disciples ask Jesus to “increase our faith.” That seems like a good thing to ask, but Jesus’ response indicates that they don’t need an increase. Small faith is enough to create miracles. It reminds me of a quote about how church ministries grow: “Small is big. Slow is fast.”

Are there aspects of your life where you think more faith would help? What would it mean to honor and act on the small faith you do have, trusting that it is enough?

Last week, I preached that grace shows up when generous people share time, money and love across the great divides in our life. We learn that our futures are tied up in the well-being of people we may never even notice. I mentioned the way our homework club – funded by this church’s generosity in the capital campaign – builds relationships among people who have plenty that divide them and yet come together in love and shared humanity.  Christ is there.

Listen to last week’s sermon here.