Words for the Week – October 25, 2018

This Sunday is Reformation Sunday! We’ll remember that insight that changed the world: there’s nothing we need to do to earn God’s love.   Jesus did it all.  The classic formula is “we are saved by grace through faith.”
As I read the news with growing alarm at the nastiness of the world, I’ve been asking some form of this question: “who will save us?”  Maybe you have too. 
Jesus saves us from all that divides us from God and each other.  And yet, like the blind man who begged for mercy, we have some role to play in trusting Christ’s salvation can make a difference here and now.
In my sermon, I’ll talk about that word “saved.” And I’ll talk about the interplay between grace (God’s love) and faith (the way we claim God’s love). Spoiler alert – it’s all grace.
Last week, I preached about the disciples who asked Jesus to put them at the right and left hand in glory. How impossible it is for us to be part of God’s mission without our own egos and concerns and selfish motivations getting in the way!   Jesus showed sympathy with those disciples and Jesus shows sympathy to us too.
Listen to the sermon here.
Be at Peace,
Pastor Sarah