Words for the Week – October 11, 2018

Relationships are important.  They are a source of healing, belonging, and security.  They can also be a source of pain and division. 
In last week’s gospel, Jesus’ spoke out against divorce.  His words strike me as both true – divorce is an experience of human brokenness – and also limited in scope. 
For Jesus, there was more going on that a simple decree against divorce.  In the background was a debate over divorce that had resulted in the death of John the Baptist.  By denouncing divorce, Jesus also denounced the political system that would soon have him killed.  And there was also the callousness of a view of divorce, supported by the Pharisees, in which divorce could leave women destitute and without a safety net. 
Divorce is never the goal of a marriage.  Yet I believe that sometimes divorce is the best option for a marriage that has soured or where there is abuse or indifference.  Thankfully, relationships of all kinds can heal us and reveal God’s grace.
Please note: we have no sermon recording from last week.
This week, we will meet a rich man who comes to Jesus asking for the key to inheriting eternal life, only to be told that he lacks one thing: to give away all he has to the poor.  I will preach on how God can help us muster the courage to do what we know is necessary, yet appears impossible.
Be at Peace,
Pastor Sarah