Words for the Week – November 7, 2019

Last week, All Saints Day, I preached about what makes the church distinct.  I used the example of a little boy who was excited about a truck that went around the neighborhood with music.  Then one day, he was elated to find out that there was ice cream in the music truck!

Our fundamental purpose as church and as people who follow Jesus is to proclaim Jesus as risen and the holy spirit as active.  That’s what makes someone a saint: not that they were perfect, but that they lived their lives trying to follow Jesus and trying to share that love with others.

Listen to the sermon here.

This week, we will rejoice to baptize Oliver Keanu Cain, son of our council president, at the 10:30 service on Sunday.

We’ll hear a gospel lesson in which a group of people ask Jesus what happens after death.  In the gospel, the question about death is a trap but Jesus answers it anyway.  I’m glad he did because many people have questions about death, afterlife and resurrection that are genuine…and unanswerable.

To be a person of faith doesn’t mean you know all the answers, it’s that you try to trust God with all that is unknown.  As we baptize Oliver, we’ll be reminded that we are surrounded by a community to hold us while we walk through the mysteries of life, trusting God together.

See you at church!

-Pastor Sarah