Words for the Week – November 29, 2018

Advent is upon us!  It’s a time when we wait in hope and longing for God’s presence.  During Advent at Peace, we’re going to read the first chapter of the gospel of Luke, featuring stories of God’s people who longed for good news. 
Zechariah, Elizabeth, Mary, they’re not so unlike us.  They are too old, or too young.  Too damaged and too ashamed.  Too powerless when compared with the mighty evils around them.  Too disappointed to have any hope left.
To them, God comes in powerful, undeniable, and surprising ways. And God changes everything.
This is the basic message of Advent: it’s not our worthiness that brings God to bear in this world. 
God comes, even when faith is absent and hope is gone.  God comes.
O come o come Emmanuel.
See you in church,
-Pastor Sarah