Words for the Week – November 22, 2018

Thanksgiving blessings to you!  Our two-year old daughter has just learned to say Thank You.  It’s her go-to response for everything. 

Here are your socks…thank you. 

Time for a diaper change…thank you.

I love you…thank you.

If I don’t acknowledge her words of thanks, she gets insistent. “Mama!  Thank you!” It’s adorable and heart-warming.

She has reminded me of the power of those two little words: thank you.  Every time you utter those words, you give a testament not only to gratitude, but also to dependence.  You acknowledge that you cannot do this life alone and, by God’s grace, you don’t have to.  Of course a two-year old depends on others for just about everything.  But so do all of us.

This Thanksgiving, I pray that the words “thank you” spring to your lips and land on your ears as through speaking them and hearing them, we recall that we are part of a beautiful circle of dependence with God at the center.

Last Sunday I preached that Christians have misused the idea of the end of the world to focus on our own salvation.  When Jesus tells his disciples to be ready for the end, it’s so they can respond with faithfulness to love and help others, not save their own skin.  I made an analogy with first responders who spend most of their lives training to be ready to help in a time of need. 

Listen to the sermon here.

Be at Peace

Pastor Sarah