Words for the Week – November 21, 2019

Last week, I preached about the depth of tree roots and the reach of trees’ branches.  I encouraged you to remember that God is faithful.  Life can be terribly disorienting, the things we count on to give us security can all fall away, and our own faith can falter.  Even so, God remains true to us – like an oak tree well-planted – and God’s Holy Spirit helps us.

Listen to the sermon here.

We rejoiced to welcome 6 new households to Peace and we commissioned new acolytes.  Praise be to God for these signs of faithfulness among us!

This Sunday, Pastor Peter Bastien will preach and preside while I am off for Thanksgiving.  The Brass of Peace will offer their glorious music as the church celebrates that Jesus really is the Lord of all creation.

The gospel for this Christ the King Sunday relays the astonishing words of Jesus on the cross.

Jesus asked God to forgive his executors; he announced that a criminal would join him in paradise.  This is a glimpse of the character of Jesus’ as king.  He loves; he forgives; he pleads for those who, in the process of doing their jobs, have killed an innocent man; and he humbly proclaims the truth.  As followers of Jesus, this is the kind of kingdom we believe comes to us and through us.  It’s a world ruled by Christlike compassion, forgiveness, sacrifice and truth.

Be at Peace,

Pastor Sarah