Words for the Week – November 1, 2018

On Saturday, Anna Mmassey and Mafuru Mayuki will be married!  They invite the whole church to join the celebration at 12:00 pm at Peace.  If you are able, please come and rejoice with them!

Last week, I preached about how our faith is not a Mighty Fortress in the sense that it keeps us removed from the problems of the world. It’s not armor; it’s not Disney World.  Instead, our faith causes us to step out in vulnerability as we walk on the pathways of our lives. We meet people in need.  We find ourselves surprisingly needy too. We boldly confront unjust systems, we band together with others, and we find fortress-like strength by following a courageous, crucifiable Christ. 

Listen to the sermon here. Listen to the sermon here.

A few days ago, I joined over 2000 people at a service of remembrance and hope at Temple Rodef Shalom in Falls Church.  We prayed over the names of the eleven who were murdered in Pittsburgh, and also the two who were murdered earlier in the week in Kentucky.

It felt like the All Saint’s Day litany, where we name people close to our congregation who have died. This Sunday, All Saints Day, we won’t only be thinking of the dead, we will also celebrate the gift of life with a baptism.   It’s a day to remember that our lives and our deaths are bound up in Jesus and because of that, we have a mission to let our lights shine for the brief time we walk this earth.     

Be at Peace,
Pastor Sarah