Words for the Week – May 31, 2018

For Trinity Sunday, Pastor Peter Bastien preached about how the Trinity was a matter of great public debate in the 4th century but is less divisive now.  We rarely have churches splitting apart because of disagreements about the Trinity these days.  He asked the question “what is critical for followers of Jesus in 2018?” and he drew our attention to two documents. The Boston Declaration https://thebostondeclaration.com/ and Reclaiming Jesus http://www.reclaimingjesus.org/  were both written in the last 18 months to affirm what is central to Christian faith in our time and place.

Listen to his sermon here.

In the month of June, the church is focusing on how and why we serve.  This Sunday, I’ll make the connection between service and justice.  Jesus upset the religious order when he healed and picked grain on the sabbath.  Jesus’ reinterpretation of the law shows us that we can scrutinize even our most dearly held religious rules if they don’t serve people in need.
Please Note:  Throughout the month of June, I hope that every member will take our service survey and fill in “leaves of service” on our service tree outside the sanctuary.  The survey will be available starting Sunday, June 3rd.   Together we’ll celebrate all the ways Peace serves.

Be at Peace,
Pastor Sarah