Words for the Week – May 2, 2019

Hello church.

In a sermon on doubting Thomas, I talked about FOMO: Fear of Missing Out. Doubting Thomas missed out on Jesus. I expressed sympathy for Thomas because I think it’s an awful feeling to have missed out on something that other people in your community share.  
Jesus takes this community of disciples, that may have been fractured by FOMO, and comes to Thomas powerfully, giving him – and thus all of them – peace.

The peace that re-creates communities confounds our expectations because it is not manufactured by us.  It’s a peace that comes from God reaching out toward all of us.  We mimic that peace when we reach toward one another – despite all that can come between us – and say “Peace be with you.”

Listen to the sermon here.

I spent much of this week with people from the ELCA Advocacy office and Lutheran Disaster Relief on Capitol Hill. We became educated about the effect of climate change on human well-being. Events like floods and hurricanes are now more frequent and more devastating. Long-term impacts include increased migration, food insecurity and conflict. We visited our lawmakers asking for increased disaster relief and policies that get us to a carbon-neutral society.  Read more about these visits here

This Sunday, we will bless the quilts that will go to Lutheran World Relief and we welcome Yvonne Lembo, gift planner from the ELCA.  We also welcome Jon Nerdig as our preacher.  Jon is a member of Peace who is headed to seminary next month.

See you in church,

Pastor Sarah