Words for the Week – March 5, 2020

God is active in this world.  It is sometimes nice to be reminded.

On Sunday, we’ll hear about a man named Nicodemus who got curious about Jesus even though he had every reason not to.  The life of faith is rarely a direct line.  I’ll preach about the persistence of God’s spirit, active in ways that appear mysterious and drawing people to Jesus for healing, salvation and hope.

Last week, I preached about the “if only’s.”  If I only had this or that, life would be complete.  This is temptation: to be drawn away from gratitude and delight in what God has given you to by focusing on what is missing. Even Jesus was tempted, and, being Jesus, he resisted what we cannot.

I used the story of the Wizard of Oz to talk about how – in community and on the way – the characters found what they thought they were missing.  God also blesses us with simple reminders – church, food, water, scripture, love – to help us come back from times of temptation and trust again in God’s care.

Be at Peace,

Pastor Sarah

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