Words for the Week – March 21, 2019

Bishop Graham was originally scheduled to preach this Sunday, but due to a scheduling conflict, he’s coming next week.
Last week, I preached about prayer as pilgrimage or journey toward God.  In Jesus’ time, pilgrims traveled to the temple to be close to God.  There’s great spiritual value in pilgrimage to sacred places where you sense God’s presence. 
But we don’t have to go anywhere to grow closer to God.  In prayer, we can be moved spiritually even if we stay in one place physically.  
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This Sunday, I’ll preach about prayer as spiritual hunger.  “My soul is satisfied as with a rich feast” says Psalm 63.  Prayer helps satisfy spiritual hunger.  At the same time, it helps us cultivate spiritual hunger for a world where God’s love is known.
What are you hungry for?
Be at Peace,
Pastor Sarah