Words for the Week – June 7, 2018


From last Sunday’s sermon: “You gotta serve somebody,” sang Bob Dylan, pointing out that everyone has an ultimate allegiance.  Jesus called into question the Pharisees’ ultimate allegiance by challenging their interpretation of the Ten Commandments and their reliance on their own authority.  

They did not ultimately serve God because they did not serve some people Jesus loved: people who needed food or healing but who society saw as unworthy.

Jesus’ challenge keeps the modern church –us – on our toes. What are we missing about the good news because we’re too concerned about upholding rules that don’t serve love?

Listen to the sermon here.

This week, the gospel lesson is about power.  The word “powerful” is neutral. Someone can be powerful for good or for ill.  Jesus uses his enormous power to heal and cast out demons. He uses it for God’s will. His power frightens those who think they should be in control.  But they need not be frightened. Instead, they could take up the invitation to join in and become his brothers and sisters.

Be at Peace,
Pastor Sarah