Words for the Week – June 28, 2018

When Jesus calmed stormy waters, he ensured that he and the disciples would get across to the other side, where a desperate foreigner needed help.  I preached about the storms of fear and self-sabotage that rose up in me when I ventured to lead public prayer for children and families separated at the border.  I challenged us to trust that Jesus will quell whatever storms threaten to keep us from reaching out to God’s people in need.  Get in the boat.  Someone needs you to bring them the good news. 

Listen to the sermon here.

This week in the gospel, we read about two very different people reaching out to Jesus for healing.  Jesus not only heals their bodies but also restores them to relationships.  I will preach about the variety of ways we can be broken and how Jesus is concerned about bringing not only physical healing, but also peace.

Be at Peace,

Pastor Sarah