Words for the Week – June 21, 2018

In the gospel text for Sunday, Jesus crosses a large body of water during a storm.  Even though Jesus’ miraculously calms the waves, the question I keep asking is: Why? What compelled him to go across in the first place?
In my sermon, I will incorporate some of my experiences this week as I felt called to respond to the cruelty of family separations at the border.  I will address this question: how do I, as a Christian and your pastor, decide to speak out on certain political issues?  And I will ask you to consider whose well-being compels you, as a follower of Jesus, to act.
Last week was Pastor Brian’s last Sunday with us.  We thanked him for his service to Peace and we blessed him in his next stage of life: retirement! We will miss him.  He preached about the power of receiving a word of encouragement or pride from a father.  He encouraged those of us who have kids to reach out to our children and tell them we are proud of them. 

Note for those concerned about our immigration system: if you would like to go to the “Families Belong Together” rally on June 30 with Peace people, please email the office at info@sharingpeace.org. To learn more about the ELCA response, watch the prayer that ELCA Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton’s offered yesterday for World Refugee Day, and learn more about the ELCA office of advocacy here.


Be at Peace,
Pastor Sarah