Words for the Week – June 14, 2018

Last week, I preached about the power of Jesus to heal.  Ironically, the people who are the worst off are those who think they are fine; that is, those who think they have no need of healing are tragically wrong.  They miss out on the power of Jesus to restore them to wholeness.  I discussed my own depression and the sense I had, in the throes of depression, that I was affected by a sinister power outside any human control.  God’s healing came to me only when I admitted the power was bigger than I could handle and asked for help.  God’s healing came through loving people, counselors, medication, and being reminded of my baptismal identity as God’s beloved child.

Everyone has something wrong with them.  Jesus bids you come.  Listen to the sermon here.

This week, Pastor Brian Erickson will preach on what it means to be firmly planted.  It is his last Sunday with us.  We’ll thank him and celebrate the end of the program year with a picnic featuring a moon bounce and ice cream.  Sign up here to bring something to the picnic.  Thank you Pastor Brian for sharing your gifts with us these past two years!

Finally, as you have watched the news of children being separated from their parents at the border, perhaps you, like I, wonder what you can do.  Read this from our Presiding Bishop, and please pray and contact your elected officials.  http://www.elca.org/News-and-Events/7935

Be at Peace,
Pastor Sarah